In hopes of serving you better, we have tried to collate here all the commonly asked questions by our customers. May this serve as your guide in navigating our website and knowing more about the products and services we offer. Please refer to this first before contacting us to save you the time and the effort. But just in case you questions are not addressed here, feel free to engage with our customer service representatives via live chat or send them an email at the contact details provided on our Contact Us page.  

Where can we buy your Sangria? Do you have any partner stores where we can get it from? 

All of our products are only being sold at our restaurant. We do not sell our food and wine through any third parties unless stated otherwise on this website. For orders, you can email us an order form, or simply drop by to our stores.  

Do you have vintage wines available? 

We do have many types of wines available here that are imported from Spain. You can check out the list of all our available products by checking out our online store.  

Do you accommodate celebrations in your restaurant? 

Yes, we do. We specifically have private rooms for parties and functions rooms for bigger events. The latter can accommodate up to 150 people at once without being crowded. Together with this, we have pre-set packages you could avail for your event. This includes your choice of food and drinks to be served. Decorations are already included. All you need to do is to inform us what kind of a celebration you are having. Inform us also if you have any particular arrangement needed so that we can make your party as enjoyable as possible.  

Do you deliver? 

We do deliver in many parts of Tempe. All you need to do is to pick out the dishes you want and we’ll deliver it to you in no time.