Message from the Chef 

I am first to tell you how happy I am for your continued patronage to my life and work – Sangria Tapas Y Bar. This is my first in the United States but I have already established other branches in many Asian and European countries. This is by far my baby, having loved the American audience almost half my life. Am I going to branch out in other American Cities? I am planning to, and that is what you should look forward to in the future. In fact, we are already in the process of scouting a location for our restaurant. Rest assured that when we already finalized it, those who are subscribed to our newsletter would be the first to know.  

We all love to up a business. Probably, at one point in your lives, you thought about putting up a company yourself. I bet, like me, it is rooted from where your passion lies. For me, I particularly loved cooking. I cannot remember a day when I am not cooking nor coming up with new recipes to try. It is in my blood. My papa and abuelo were cooks themselves. We even have a family restaurant back in Madrid that I encourage you to visit when you are in the area. The food is exquisite, and I am not telling you this because my family owns it. Its difference from other Spanish restaurants is that we always find a way to put our personal touch in the dishes we serve. We make it our own. Such practice is what I want to incorporate in all the branches of Sangria Tapas Y Bar.  

If you get the chance to visit my restaurant here in Tempe, you’d know what I am talking about. Do not hesitate to drop by anytime because we’d surely love to have you.