There are a lot of things why I love this restaurant. One, they serve great dishes. Two, they have great service. Another reason is that their restaurant exudes a calming atmosphere that is best especially after a stressful day at work. They really don’t spare a dime when it comes to their customers. They go all out. As such, it is no wonder why their customers have been saying great things about them. I met the chef once. I like how he is very hospitable and accommodating to the customers. Little did I know that I was already face-to-face with the owner and multi-awarded chef. He was so down-to-earth and funny. A really great man if my first impression is correct.  


Coming here will give you a good time. They always play a good Latin music that would give you a hard time not dancing to the beat. I especially loved their Sangria. People say that you need to taste their food but the Sangria they serve is unparalleled when it comes to the taste. It is very delicious that I even ordered several bottles to take home. Now, they are already my regular supplier of wine for our consumption at home. You should try it. If you love wines, I’m very sure that this specific drink would keep you coming back to this store.  


I love Christo. He is very charming when we came to his restaurant. We thought that he was the manager. We were surprised to know that he was actually the owner. He was fun to talk with and a very down-to-earth individual. He is very humble with lots of funny stories about his family and his hometown. Because of him, the next entry in my bucket list is to visit Spain. I want to go to Madrid and Barcelona and personally see all the attractions he was telling me about.