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Tapas Y

Sangria Tapas y Bar is the vision of legendary restaurateur Alberto Lombardi. Sangria is a neighborhood Mediterranean bistro located in the bustling Knox-Henderson area of Dallas. We offer daily dinner service as well as an outstanding brunch featuring $1 Sangrias & Mimosas on Saturday and Sunday. Our restaurant and bar offers an intimate dining area indoors as well as one of Dallas’ most well-known patios. Come enjoy weekly Happy Hour or a late night atmosphere filled with live music, an eclectic mix of people and an energetic vibe.

Sangria also features great daily specials and live music. We also offer catering services, accommodate large parties and have availability for private dining events during weekdays before 4pm.

Whether you are joining us for dinner, drinks, late night snacks or utilizing our catering/private event services; we look forward to creating a truly memorable experience for you and your guests.

We invite you to travel across Spain and its neighboring countries to every bite.

Sangria Featuring Alberto Lombardi

Alberto Lombardi is at it again. The creative restaurateur has retooled the menu at Sangria Tapas Y Bar, hiring a new chef with a pan-Mediterranean repertoire to expand on what had been strictly Spanish cuisine. And, Lombardi is working his magic across Cole Avenue from Sangria, developing a new eatery that’s expected to open in June in the 1905 church that formerly housed Chips burger joint. It’s all very hush hush, and the only thing we know for sure is that the cuisine in the new restaurant will hail from some region in Europe.

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